Alexandre MORISOD
Colonel (Switzerland)


Officer elected by the General Assembly who ensures the implementation of the decisions of the General Assembly and the Board of Directors, manages the General Secretariat and executes the CISM budget approved by the General Assembly
The Secretary General is accountable to the President for administrative matters and to the Board of Directors for the oversight of Presidents Technical Committees and financial management.
Among his main responsibilities, the Secretary General has to prepare and manage Congresses, General Assemblies and Board of Directors sessions and has to implement their decisions. The SG has to execute the measures related to communication and marketing to ensure the best image of CISM within budgetary limits and in accordance with the decisions of the Board of Directors. He has to present the proposed CISM World calendar to the Board of Directors. He also establishes and maintains contact with international organizations (IOC, GAIFS, FISU, UNESCO etc.) and the international sports federations.

Curriculum Vitae: French / English

Former Secretaries General

1948 - 1953
Colonel Maurice Chomé

Secretary General Treasurer

1948 - 1953
Commandant Edmond Petit

Secretary of the Executive Committee

1954 - 1986
Commandant Raoul Mollet (Belgium)

1986 - 1989
Colonel Roland Kesteloot

1989 - 1997
Lt-Colonel François Pilot

1997 - 2001
Colonel Bernard Hurst

2001 - 2005
Colonel Robert Eggermont

2006 - 2009
Colonel van Meurs


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