The CISM Sport Committees (CSC) are responsible for the management, development and technical aspects of each sport admitted as CISM world level sport.
The CISM Sport Committee is composed of a President, a Secretary, and several members, preferably at least one from each continent. Among his main responsibilities, the President of CISM Sport Committee, with the support of its members, manages and develops a CISM sport for military athletes, both male and female, is the ultimate CISM technical authority and oversees the technical conduct of a world military championship in a specific sport. He maintains the currency of the regulations of the sport and promotes his sport world wide. He supervises the drawing up of the world, continental and regional calendars of his sport five (5) years in advance, avoiding conflicts of dates between CISM and civilian competitions. He maintains liaison with the International Federation governing his sport. He has to determine proper ways of achieving new training methods, new material and equipment, recent documentation (books, articles, brochures, ...) and to conduct study days, clinics and courses.



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