Walter VAN VELTHOVEN Colonel (Belgium)


The Treasurer General (TG) is an Officer elected by the General Assembly who is responsible for the financial management of CISM. He ensures that all CISM expenditures are consistent with CISM regulations and the total budget approved by the General Assembly as well as a sound financial management. He participates in the sessions of the Congress, the General Assembly and the Board of Directors without the right to vote. He prepares and presents the budget to the Board of Directors for approval by the General Assembly. He advises the Board of Directors on financial matters and assists the Commission for the Verification of the Credentials. He also supervises the work of the accountant at the General Secretariat.

Contact - (The TG is present in CSIM HQ on Wednesday)
Phone number: (+32) 2 650 02 77 / (+32) 473 65 11 76


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