Brazil grabs volleyball gold Volleybal_2012

On July 15th, Brazil took the title of world military champions at the 33rd World Military Women’s Volleyball championship in Amsterdam. In a thrilling final, the South American team eventually overcame their Chinese rivals, winning by 3-2.
Earlier, the Dutch women's volleyballers played Greece in the bronze medal match, but stood little chance against the superior Greeks (0 -3). Germany, the United States and Canada took the minor placings. Closing_ceremony

Closing ceremony

The event’s closing ceremony was held shortly after presentation of the prizes. The World Military Championship was officially declared closed after the Commander of Support Command Vice Admiral Erik Kopp’s speech, followed by the lowering of the CISM flag. The ‘Johan Willem Friso’ Royal Military Band was on hand to provide musical accompaniment. During the WMC, approximately 240 athletes, coaches, officials and members of the organizing committee were guests at the Naval Barracks in Amsterdam. The matches were played at the Sporthallen Zuid in Amsterdam.

33nd World Military Women's Volleyball Championship
Amsterdam,The Netherlandsl, July 2012


1. Brazil
2. China
3. Greece
4.The Netherlands
5. Germany
6. USA
7. Canada

The Opening Ceremony of the 33rd Military World Women Volleyball Championship
Opening_ceremony33rd Military World Women Volleyball Championship opened with a big bang Yesterday, the opening ceremony of the 33rd Military World Women Volleyball Championship took place at the Navy Establishment in Amsterdam. Accompanied with music played by the Marine Band of the Royal Netherlands Navy, the 7 participating countries marched down the square.
After inspiring speeches, held by the commander of the Navy Establishment Amsterdam, colonel Nieland and colonel Hulme (Official CISM Representative), marines raised the CISM flag. The ‘Gele Rijders’ (Yellow Riders, Field Artillery) gave a special twist to the ceremony by entering the square with 4 horses carrying a canon. General Beukering, Commander of Facility & Logistics division had the honor to open the 33rd Military World Women Volleyball Championship by firing a shot.
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5th CISM Military World Games
32nd World Military Volleyball Championship
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, July 2011
Men Women

1. Brazil
2. China
3. Korea
4. Iran
5. Qatar
6. Germany
7. Venezuela
8. India
9. Finland
10. Canada
11. Cyprus
12. USA
1. Brazil
2. China
3. Germany
4. Italy
5. Canada
6. USA
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