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Many people often rightly reproach to the experts, that they bluntly consider the world and its problems, and that they can only consider topics related to their domains of expertise. That critic particularly applies to doctors and sports scientists who flaunt that annoying tendency to consider everything from a biological, biomechanical or psychological point of view. Their approach towards the sport and athletic effort is simply a sum of physiological laws, biochemical equations, and biomechanical rules which, to their view, can explain the most spectacular achievements. It may seem excessive to believe that this postulate only applies in sport, but one must admit that the human body, the tool for these achievements, is an undeniable biological entity whose so perfect functioning depends on several parameters undisputedly belonging to the disciplines of medicine and biology, either physiology, biomechanics or any other one.

The CISM Sport & Science Forum has the intention to be an exchange e-platform in the area of sport sciences, in the broadest sense of the word, for all the CISM Delegations.

This structure intends to contribute in an interactive way to the improvement of knowledge in the field of training sciences, biomechanics, sports medicine, physiology, management, marketing, communication, and all others sports and physical activities related areas for all CISM community.

Its goal is to provide a specific platform for CISM country members to share news, experiences and results of scientific researches in the military sports field, raise matters for discussions, divulge national and international military sports links, and promote scientific events.

In this sense, CISM created some links (on the right side) that could be useful for researchers, trainers, athletes and militaries, in a general way.

Join us!

Do not hesitate to contact the General Secretariat:

Lt Col Andre Siqueira

Phone: (+32) 02 650 02 90
Fax: (+32) 02 647 53 87

* FORUM: Latin concept - Meeting where wide-scoped matters are debated, usually in sight of creating an exchange between the participants.

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