- 50 years anniversary of the end of the Second World War and of the signing of the Charter of the United Nations

- gathering of 93 Armed Forces on the Sports fields to celebrate peace

The MWG in numbers
- 4017 athletes
- 93 nations
- 17 disciplines
- 2600 mobilized people
- 1100 vehicles
- 500.000 spectators
- 15 different locations : Rome and its surroundings
- Big turn-out of spectators at various locations, i.e. cycling : 200.000 spectators

Track and Field, Basket-ball, Boxing, Cycling, Fencing, Horsemanship, Football/Soccer, Judo, Wrestling, Swimming (water-polo, diving, lifesaving), Parachuting, Modern Pentathlon, Military Pentathlon, Naval Pentathlon, Shooting, Triathlon, Volley-ball

High level protocol
Audience of all the participants with HH pope Jean-Paul II

Presence of VIP ‘s :
- Oscar Luigi Scalfaro, President of the Italian Republic
- Lamberto Dini, Italian Prime Minister
- Francesco Rutelli, Maire of Rome
- Juan Antonio Samaranch, President of the IOC
- Primo Nebiolo, President of the FISU and the IAAF
- The Prince Alexandre de Merode, vice-President of the IOC
- Mario Pescante, President of CONI

Opening Ceremony
30.000 spectators in the Olympic Stadium of Rome
Ceremony lasted 3 and _ hours
Life broadcasting on RAI 3
Cultural programme : folklore, opera ( Boccelli), dances, songs,…

Very high sport level
Presence of Numerous Olympic, world and continental champions in all the sports
Many new CISM records established during the Games
Best athlete of the Games : Denis Pankratov
List of some of the best known athletes present in Rome : P. Tergat (KEN), J. Keter (KEN), J. Galfione (FRA), C. Gatsioudis (GRE), M. Didoni (ITA), T. Motkova (RUS), S. Lagat (KEN)A. Bagach (UKR), R. Korzeniowski (POL), , Karasev (RUS), Koudelin (RUS), Vl. Et Vi Klichko (RUS), V. Sidorenko (UKR), S. Ivanov (RUS), S. Cuomo (ITA), S. Podzniakov (RUS), P. Kolobkov (RUS), F. Bortolozzi (ITA), M. Weber (GER), V. Chimirri (ITA), M. Del Vecchio, A. Del Piero et M. Amoruso (ITA), V. Dhorasoo (FRA), R. Kubacki (POL)A. Pirim (TUR), A. Nazarian (ARM), V. Orujev (RUS), V. Bogiev (RUS), V. Selkov, A. Korneev, R. Ivanovski, D. Pankratov et N. Zhivanevskya (RUS), J. Sievinen et A. Kasvio (FIN), S. Batistelli (ITA), S. Perrot (FRA), G. Tiberti (ITA), S. Poliakov (RUS), G. Bossi (AUT), R. Mauer (POL), G. Dubis (USA), T. Hellriegel (GER), D. Gaag (RUS), A. Fomin et A. Smirnov (RUS), C. Stearns (USA), C. Sterbik et F. Bernachot (FRA) and so many more…

Armed Forces : lodging, organisations of different competitions, transport (athletes, officials, VIP’s), security, food and dining facilities, organising committee
Italian Olympic Committee (CONI) : existing sport and administrative structures, financing, 4 persons specialised in organising international meetings
National Sports Federations : technical assistance (judges, officials), organisation staff

Chartering of Solidarity flights thanks to South Africa, Algeria and France
Financial aid for certain athletes

Press center at the stadium “Foro Italico” (used during the world championships swimming 1994)
20 hours and 25 min TV broadcasting (16h10 live and 4h15 recorded)
8.506.000 viewers recorded
753 people accredited at the press center (453 journalists, 179 photographers and 121 camera crew)
International press
Preparatory national and international press conferences

Sponsors : Coca-Cola, Fiat, Iveco, Arena, IF Ferrovie, Telecom Italia
Two VIP villages : Piazza di Siena, Palazzetto EUR
Merchandising and by-products

Juan Antonio Samaranch (President of the IOC) “I am here to underline the major importance of the military sport within the world of sport”.

HH. Pope Jean-Paul II “We are glad to realize that your sport event stands for a new way of communication between the Armed Forces of the world. It is a new philosophy which encourages a real peace process.”

26jun 04jul 46th Sailing WMC
Bergen, Norway
29jun 07jul 35th Judo WMC
Astana, Kazakhstan
02-14 1st CISM World Football Trophy
BAku, Azerbaijan
08-17 49th Naval Pentathlon WMC
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
46th Orienteering WMC
Eksjo, Sweden
02-06 23rd Cycling WMC
Leopoldsburg/Beringen, Belgium
09-16 CISM Para-Sport Project Pilot Event
Track&Field Competition
Warendorf, Germany

22nd Taekwondo WMC
Fort Bliss, Tx,


37th Parachuting WMC
Qionglai, China

09-18 60th Military Pentathlon WMC
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

45th World Military Marathon
Paramaribo, Suriname



68th CISM General Assembly & Congress/CISM Board of Directors Meeting (2/2013)
Jakarta, Republic of Indonesia

02-06 Eurocup BeachVolleyball
Warendorf, Germany
03-08 Nienaber Memorial MilPentathlon
Munich, Germany
24-28 CISM Shooting Rifle Cup of the German Armed Forces
Sonthofen, Germany

1st Open Regional Life Saving Championship
Amsterdam, The Netherlands


1st Open Integrative CISM Military European Championships in Track & Field
Warendorf, Germany



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