CISM completed its 64th General Assembly and Congress in Suriname.
18-24 May 2009, Paramaribo

The 64th General Assembly and Congress of the Conseil International du Sport Militaire (CISM)
ended in Suriname with major decisions:

1. CISM will organize the first CISM Winter Military World Games in Val d’Aoste (Italy) from 20 to 24 March
2010. This first edition of the CISM Winter Military World Games will be the opportunity to gather under our Motto “Friendship through Sport !” the best military winter athletes,just a few days after the conclusion
of the Winter Olympics of Vancouver. Usually, some 25 % of the medals at the Winter Olympics are won by military athletes…Another high level CISM competition it will be !!!

2. CISM created a working group to study the revision of its statutes and regulations in order to update these texts with an international sports movement in constant evolution.

3. CISM Elected Colonel Alexandre Morisod (SUI) as it
s new Secretary General.

4. CISM will collaborate with the German company PLAZAMEDIA to develop a new policy of mediatisation and advertising.

5. The second edition of the African military Games will be held in Abuja, Nigeria, from 21 to 31 September 2009. These African military Games are open to the best military athletes of the CISM Member Nations from Africa. Some 1000 participants are expected in the capital city of Nigeria to compete in friendship through sport in 13 different sports: (Athletics, Basketball, Badminton, Boxing, Golf, Hand Ball, Football, Volley-ball, Shooting, Judo, Taekwondo, Swimming, Table Tennis).

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The President of the Republic of Suriname, HE. Dr Venetiaan offered a large support to CISM throughout the duration of the General Assembly and Congress. He gave an audience to the Board of Directors, offered a cocktail to all the participants and decorated our President with the highest decoration of the Surinamese Chancellery. He accepted to be decorated as Grand Cordon of the CISM Meritorious Order.

The opening Ceremony was a fantastic event gathering our delegates and the highest sports, political and military authorities of Surinam. This Opening Ceremony was organized in the Largest square of Paramaribo and thousands of schools students had been invited to discover and cheer the military sports Prestigious ceremony. This was also the moment chosen to pay a fully-served tribute to Lt-Col. Robbie Hussainali, the former Chief of the Surinam Delegation to CISM, who had suddenly passed away during the preparation of the General Assembly 2009. His widow and children delivered an emotionally moving speech to a quiet and respectful audience.

85 CISM Member Nations attended the General Assembly and Congress in Paramaribo and contributed to reinforce our message of Peace through Sport in this area of the world.

26jun 04jul 46th Sailing WMC
Bergen, Norway
29jun 07jul 35th Judo WMC
Astana, Kazakhstan
02-14 1st CISM World Football Trophy
BAku, Azerbaijan
08-17 49th Naval Pentathlon WMC
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
46th Orienteering WMC
Eksjo, Sweden
02-06 23rd Cycling WMC
Leopoldsburg/Beringen, Belgium
09-16 CISM Para-Sport Project Pilot Event
Track&Field Competition
Warendorf, Germany

22nd Taekwondo WMC
Fort Bliss, Tx,


37th Parachuting WMC
Qionglai, China

09-18 60th Military Pentathlon WMC
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

45th World Military Marathon
Paramaribo, Suriname



68th CISM General Assembly & Congress/CISM Board of Directors Meeting (2/2013)
Jakarta, Republic of Indonesia

02-06 Eurocup BeachVolleyball
Warendorf, Germany
03-08 Nienaber Memorial MilPentathlon
Munich, Germany
24-28 CISM Shooting Rifle Cup of the German Armed Forces
Sonthofen, Germany

1st Open Regional Life Saving Championship
Amsterdam, The Netherlands


1st Open Integrative CISM Military European Championships in Track & Field
Warendorf, Germany



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