PRAGUE, Czech Republic

The CISM International SymposiumSports science: fundamental tool of modern sports management” was held in Prague from 18 to 23 September 2009, organized by CISM Headquarters and the Sports Research Institute of Czech Armed Forces (CASRI) with tight cooperation of Military Department of Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, Charles University in Prague.

70 participants from 27 countries have been there with this occasion. There were guests from Angola, Austria, Belgium, Botswana, Brazil, Canada, China, Czech Republic, England, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Guinea Republic, Hungary, Iran, Italy, Kenya, Nigeria, Norway, Sri Lanka, Slovenia, Sweden, Swaziland, Turkey, USA and Uzbekistan.

First of the symposiums’ aims “to identify the importance of science as an efficient supporting tool of sports management” was focusing on topics of symposium sessions. The second one “to create a favourable environment to re-launch the CISM Academy” was reached with excellent concept of symposium and high qualified speakers. Culmination of this goal has been achieved on 21st September with the Academy Re-birth Ceremony in Praha Hotel with the participation of CISM President General Gianni Gola and high authorities from Czech Republic, as Dean of Physical Education and Sport Faculty, Chairman of National Olympic Committee, Deputy Minister of Defence and other. They mark the historical moment with a signature in the Academy book.

Opening and closing ceremony attended also six top athletes, Olympic medalists from Check republic. Two of them received CISM merits: Maj.  Jan ŽELEZNÝ and Maj. Tomáš DVOŘÁK
The symposium began with Opening session speech of Capt Navy Bengt Nylander, Official CISM Representative and Vice president for Europe, followed by a speech given to the Symposium Director Lt-Col Suzana Tkavc, focusing on development of Sport and Science in CISM. Dean of Physical Education and Sport Faculty Prof. Vaclav Bunc continue with presentation, related to main goal of Symposium.

Sessions continues with 5 topics:

1st - Armed Forces as a stakeholder in the development of sports science;

  • 2 presentations by Retired Navy Capt. Lamartine DaCosta (Brazil) and Prof. Tušak Matej (Slovenia);

2nd - Training methods: science increasing performance;

  • 6 presentations by Prof. Damir Karpljuk (Slovenia), Lt. col. Mesud Cerit (Turkey), Col. Wenbin Yang (China), Col. Ciamak Amiri(Iran), Lt. Col. Herald Dobmeier (Germany) and Prof. Michael Spivock (Canada);

3rd - Physical test: armed forces, fertile universe for scientific researches;

  • 6 presentations by Prof. Heikki Kyröläinen (Finland), Prof. Damir Karpljuk (Slovenia), Dr. Med. Oliver Earley (Germany), Prof. Jean Marc Sene (France), Capt Rafael S. Pinheiro Cunha (Brazil) and Lt. Col. Suzana Tkavc (CISM HQ Brussels).

4th - Science: an efficient tool for sports administrators;

  • 6 presentations by Prof. Tušak Matej (Slovenia), Lt. Col. Gilvan Vasconcelos da Silva (Brazil), Prof. Cedric Laurent (Belgium), Mr. Kjell-Erik Kristiansen (Sweden), Prof. Michael Spivock (Canada) and Col. Lubomir Privetivy (Czech republic);

5th - Creating synergy between science and management;

  • 3 presentations by Prof. ing. Eva Časlavova (Czech Republic), Prof. Gary Amstrong (Great Britain) and Retired Navy Captain Lamartine DaCosta (Brazil).

After 5th session Symposium Director Lt-Col Suzana Tkavc and president of CISM General Gianni Gola concludes with their speeches in the Closing session. They express gratitude to organizer and to all of participants, focusing on goals we reached with presentations and fruitful discussions of audience during sessions. At the end they deliver a CISM gift to the speakers for their contribution.

Participants shared their point of view and experiences with 18 speakers (95% PhD and MSc) from Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Czech Republic, England, Finland, France, Germany, Iran, Slovenia, Sweden and Turkey that had presented their studies and researches in these fields of activities in overall 23 presentations. All the abstracts are published on CISM website.

It was a huge international CISM event with important historical moment of CISM Academy. CISM Headquarters would like to express once more gratitude and congratulations for excellent event done by the Czech Organizing Committee.

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