CISM Day Run 2009
CISM Day Run 2009 in Botswana

On the 18th of February 2009, 156 officers, 578 soldiers and 6 Civilians celebrated the CISM day by undergoing a 5 km run and an hour aerobics exercise at Sir Seretse Khama Barracks in Mogoditshane, Botswana.

CISM Day Run 2009 in Spain
Spain celebrated its CISM Day Run in Rota Base (Cádiz) in February 2009. The sport was a Cross Country Run .
About 400 hundred participants attended the event.
There were several authorities from the Army, Navy, Air Forces and Guardia Civil and the Act was presided for an Admiral.
It was a terrible day because of the rain as you can see in the images, but none of the participants lost their sense of humour and was a big event.
CISM Day Run 2009 in Lebanon
On 22 Feb 2009, Lebanon organized its CISM DAY RUN 2009 with the participation of the Lebanese Army, Security Agencies, Sport Federations, Sports Clubs and Universities and Schools.
There were many participants who ran in 5km and 10 Km long distance. Many authorities participate in this event as the Chief of the Armed Forces, members of the national Olympic committee, Presidents of the national Federations and many representatives of the military authorities.
CISM Day Run 2009 in Peru
En tal sentido, deseamos informar en relación al evento, lo siguiente :
* Autoridad que presidió el evento: General de Brigada Juan Abel GUTIERREZ CASTRO, Presidente de la Federación Deportiva Militar del Perú.
* Lugar de realización del evento: Dirección General de Educación y Doctrina del Ejército (DIGEDOCE) - Chorrillos.
* Participación en el evento: 500 personas aproximadamente (Ejército - Marina de Guerra y Fuerza Aérea).
* Autoridades involucradas : Ministerio de Defensa, Comandantes Generales (EP - MGP y FAP), Directorio y Comisiones de la Federación Deportiva Militar del Perú y personal militar en general.

Asimismo, comunicamos que ante el exito obtenido y el apoyo brindado por parte de las autoridades militares y civiles, se ha tenido a bien considerar de forma definitiva dentro del Calendario Deportivo Oficial de la FEDEMILPE, el día 18 de Febrero para la realización de la Carrera de Motivación en conmemoración del día de creación del Consejo Internacional del Deporte Militar (CISM).
CISM Day Run 2009 in Lesotho
The Lesotho Defence force celebrated the CISM DAY RUN 61st Anniversary on the 15 April 2009. It was celebrated with a relay competition of 22 kms between different Companies of the defence force. Each Company participated with 22 people where each person ran 1 km. 15 Companies took part and there were 352 participants.

Immediately after the competition, all officers present including the Commander Lesotho Defence Force also ran 1km each followed by all soldiers present who did not take part in the event.
CISM Day Run 2009 in Germany
Germany celebrated CISM Day Run on 7th February 2009 in Neukirchen. This event was held as a Cross Country Tournament wich numbered more than one hundred participants (militaries and civilians).
Major Anette Nygren (CISM European Liaison Office) attended the competition.
CISM Day Run 2009 in Greece

The Greek CISM DAY RUN 2009 took place on 8 February 2009, in the ancient city of LATO, 3 km far away from the village KRITSA, in KRETA Island. Lato was one of the ancient gates during the Mycenaean Civilization. Many Greek authorities were present during this event, as the Vice Minister of National Defense Mr. Plakiotakis, the Chief of Greek Delegation to CISM Rear Admiral Ioannis-Sotirios Svarnias, some Representatives of the Army General Staff, the prefect of LASITHI Mr. Anastasakis Sifis and the Mayor of AGIOS NIKOLAOS Mr. Kounenakis Dimitrios
500 athletes were competed. 80 of them were students of regional schools, dressed in DAY RUN T-shirts. Soldiers from all armed forces, man and woman ran in 3 different distances (3000m and 6000m for men, and 3000m)

CISM Day Run 2009 in Albania
On 18th of February Albanian Army celebrated the “CISM DAY RUN 2009”. This activity was organized by the Albanian Delegation to CISM and took place in the city of Durres for the 2 executive years, with the participation of more than 2000 military.
On this event attended the Chief of General Staff, Deputy Chief of General Staff, the Commander of the Joint Force Command and other representatives from the other Commands. The activity was followed by an 8 km run.
CISM Day Run 2009 in Congo
Congo celebrated for the first time the 61st birthday of CISM by organizing a CISM Day Run at the military area of defense number 9 in Brazaville. The participation was approximately of 500 soldiers of all ranks. They ran 4km in a climate of friendship through sport .
CISM Day Run 2009 in France
French delegation to CISM organized CISM Day Run in a climate of friendship through sport to commemorate the birth of the organization.
CISM Day Run 2009 in Latvia
In the month of February, the weather is bitterly cold in Latvia. The temperatures may vary from -15º to -20º C with the precipitation of snow countrywide. In such a condition, it is hard to organize a running event. Therefore, on the 13th of February 2009 Latvian National Armed Forces (LNAF) celebrated the CISM Day Run with a skiing championship in the city of Aluksne, in the east of the country.
55 soldiers from 15 different military units took part in this happening to honour the CISM Day. The
Chief of LNAF Sport Club and the Chief of Land Forces battalions also attended the event.
On the 17th of February, the LNAF Infantry School (in Aluksne) also organized a skiing competition in
recognition of CISM Day Run. About 45 people participated in that event, among them civilian members of the Armed Forces.
CISM Day Run 2009 in Iran
THREE THOUSAND soldiers of Iranian Armed forces run to celebrate Friendship through Sport in Tehran Azadi sport complex on 18th February 2009.Chief of I.R.I shooting Federation , Chief of I.R.I delegation to CISM & presidents of I.R.I. Armed forces different sport committees attended the celebration.
The Iranian CISM delegation in cooperation with I.R.I. national Olympic committee celebrated CISM anniversary for the first time.We also organized 3 different competitions ( ski , handball & shooting ) in 2 days in military bases & Tehran Azadi sport complex,etc on the 18th & 19th of February as follows: We named these competitions " CISM Day Competitions"

1- Ski competiton with participation of different military units athletes(80 athletes) organized in Tehran mountains .The competition was supported by I.R.I. Skiing Federation & president of I.R.I. Skiing Federation participated the competition.

2- Handball competition with participation of 10 teams(120 athletes) from different military units in one of the military bases in Tehran.

3- The main event was organized in Tehran Azadi Sport Complex , an initiative shooting competiton ( 50 meters pistol & 50 meters rifle ) for military attachées of different foreign countries who are on their mission in I.R.I. , with opening ceremony , I.R.I. & CISM anthem , opening speech of General Mohammad rafie Rafieinia , vice president of I.R.I shooting federation & chief of I.R.I. Armed forces shooting committee & closing speech of brigadier General MehrAli baran Cheshmeh Chief of Iranian CISM Delegation. After the competition, press conference was organized together with awarding medals to the winners. countries .

CISM Day Run 2009 in Finland
Finnish Delegation to CISM organized the CISM Day Run events all over the Finland on 18th March 2009. Almost all garrisons in the Finnish Defence Forces took part in this valuable event. Soldiers and civilians did not run due to the winter time, but they skied on the beautiful skiing tracks of the Finnish clean nature.
CISM Day Run 2009 in Uganda
Uganda delegation to CISM organized CISM Day Run in a climate of friendship through sport to commemorate the birth of the organization.
CISM Day Run 2009 in Portugal
For the third consecutive year the "CISM Day Run" was held in Portugal. The organization of this sports event fell upon the Portuguese Air Force, and it took place in the Military and Technical Formation Training Center (CFMTFA), in Ota, on day 18th February, 2009.
About 1200 military from the three branches of the Armed Forces as well as Security Forces took part in this event.
It was a morning of physical activity and conviviality for all those who covered the 3Km course, passing through some of the most interesting places in CFMTFA.
After the race all the participants were offered a convivial lunch and the Commander of the CFMTFA, Colonel Jose Alberto Fangueiro da Mata, handed in an offer related to the event to the representatives of the delegations of the three branches of the Armed Forces and Security Forces.
CISM Day Run 2009 in Turkey
Turkey celebrated the 61st birth day of CISM by holding a CISM Day Run at The Air Technical Schools Comment in Izmir with great enthusiasm. The participation was approximately of 1000 cadets.
CISM Day Run 2009 in Thailand
Cism Day Run : The Royal Thai Armed Forces Headquarters organised Cism Day Run activity, which had 1,950 participants from The Royal Thai Armed Forces,on February,18,2009, at vicinity of The Royal Thai Armed Forces Headquarters, Bangkok,Thailand.In this occasion,The Chief of Defence forces presided over the opening ceremony and participated in this activity.
CISM Day Run 2009 in Slovenia

Slovenian Armed Forces and Slovenian CISM Delegation organized CISM Day Run on 27th March 2009. 27th of March was chosen, because it is the 18th anniversary of first participation of Slovenian military athletes at the Military World CISM Championships and it is close to the birthday of CISM.
CISM Day Run was organized as a non - competitive event at the same time in all major military bases in Slovenia. The main event was organized in Military base Franc Rozman Stane in Ljubljana, with opening ceremony, raising of the CISM flag, CISM anthem and opening speech of brigadier Milan Obreza, Chief of Slovenian CISM Delegation. After the Run, press conference was organized together with decoration ceremony for the best Slovenian military athletes.
Altogether 1607 members of Slovenian Armed forces were running to celebrate Friendship through sport on 27th of March 2009.

CISM Day Run 2009 in Pakistan
Pakistan celebrated the 61st birth day of CISM by holding a CISM Day Run at Jinnah sport complex Islamabad with great enthusiasm. The day was made more participated by adding a mini marathon race. More than 500 athletes including women from all three branches of the armed forces participated.
CISM Day Run 2009 au Maroc

Dans le cadre de la commémoration de l’anniversaire du Conseil International du Sport Militaire, et en application des Hautes Instructions de SA MAJESTE LE ROI, Chef Suprême et Chef d’Etat Major Général des Forces Armées Royales du Maroc, l’ensemble des Places d’Armes du Royaume ont consacré la Journée du 21 Février 2009 à la Course, intitulée ‘‘Course du CISM’’, qui s’est déroulée sur un parcours de 3 Kms, avec l’idéal ‘‘Sport pour tous’’.
65000 militaires, tous grades confondus ont participé à cette manifestation, qui a suscité l’adhésion de tous les responsables qui, par leur haut niveau d’organisation, ont donné à ladite manifestation l’éclat et la solennité qu’elle mérite.

CISM Day Run 2009 in Chile

The Chilean Armed Forces celebrated the 61st CISM anniversary on the 18th of February by bringing people together in different military organizations around the country.

The National Defense Sports Confederation and institutions of the National Defense and Order organized the CISM Day Run as a way to show their commitment to the goals and the mission of CISM.

The event took place throughout the Chilean territory from the highland to the southern areas of the country. Like their comrades of the 5 continents, Chile’s soldiers, numbering more than five thousand, also ran to promote CISM motto "Friendship through Sport".

CISM Day Run 2009 in Belgium

The Belgian CISM Day Run 2009 was celebrated on the 18th of February and took place in the Duisburg area, only few kilometers away from Brussels, where the Belgian Military Sport Center lies.
This military installation occupies a huge area surrounded by hills in the forest and is ideal for running. The distance covered was 10 km for those participants who ran, and 6 km for the ones who intended to walk.The 1,000 participants (military and civilian personnel who work for the Military Sport Center) included 5 Belgian Generals and 3 Olympic medalists from the Beijing Olympics Games.
They also came aiming at passing on their message of peace and sport.
It was an unforgettable day to the Belgian Armed Forces and all of them must be proud of this achievement.

CISM Day Run 2009 in Benin
It was one of the most impressive celebrations of CISM DAY RUN since 2006 (the year of the establishment) till 2009. It was a marvellous sport event with a lot of initiatives. First of all, the participants’ group was basically consisted of the military personnel, exercised in DASSA area -250 km to the north of the capital COTONOU- during the joint military field Secondly, the participated countries were from 3 continents (AFRICA – Benin, Togo, Nigeria, AMERICAS – USA and EUROPE – Belgium, Holland, France.  Thirdly, remarkable was the fact that for the first time a platoon run the distance of 5 Km together in threes with the same pace. It was, really, a military exercise that connected all soldiers over one task, to run for peace, for solidarity, and for friendship around the world. 

I could never have imagined before that I would have participated in such an event, without being interested who would be the winner!

Furthermore, regarding the spectators and the local authorities, I should mention one more unique thing. They were all so proud of this event. They were feeling as if they were hosting the biggest event in the world. They were having the impression that all lights of the world were turned towards them. They became enthusiastic, seeing the gold medallists of the games to be Beninese, men as well as women. Certainly, they deserved this feeling.  

Concluding, I think it was a great chance for everyone to participate in this real military event, feeling that he is between soldiers with the same mentality, same principals, same rules, although they were coming from 3 different continents. 

Colonel Konstantinos Kousantas (GRE)
CISM Day Run 2009 in Brazil
The 18th of February 2009 showed to be remarkably unique for the personnel belonging to the Brazilian Armed Forces, namely the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Military Police.

Celebrating the 61st CISM anniversary, over 80 thousand soldiers got together countrywide so as to run for Peace and Sport. From the coastal to the in-land borders, and from northern to southern Brazil, this magnificent event delighted not only the participants, but also the spectators because, along with the practice of sports, it brought about, as a result, an involving message claiming for something the mankind has been searching for since long ago: peace.

The celebration was organized and promoted by the Brazilian Military Sports Commission, and displayed Brazil’s capability to plan and carry out big sporting events. In 2011, the country will hold the 5th Military World Games in Rio de Janeiro, where it is expected the participation of a large number of athletes in the competitions along with a massive presence of the public.

Therefore, it is worth to say that CISM, in conjunction with its fellow nations throughout the world, have got enough synergy to reach its goal on the spreading of Peace and Sport.

CISM Day Run 2009 in Luxembourg
On the 17th of February Luxembourg Army organized the CISM Day Run in Diekirch barracks with the presence of 274 participants.
CISM Day Run 2009 in Malta

The Armed Forces of Malta celebrated CISM anniversary for the first time on the 25th of February, with a CISM Day Run which started from the Armed Forces of Malta Headquarters at Luqa Barracks and ended 5.6 km ahead at the Police General Headquarters.

The 260 participants belonged to the Armed Forces of Malta, Malta Police Force, Civil Protection Department and wardens from the Corradino Correctional Facility, who wore a ‘CISM Day Run’ T-shirt designed specifically for the occasion.
CISM Day Run 2009 in Trinidad & Tobago
The Defense Force of Trinidad and Tobago participated in the CISM Day Run with the Formation Commanding Officers from the Regiment, Coast Guard, Air Guard and the Reserves.

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Bergen, Norway
29jun 07jul 35th Judo WMC
Astana, Kazakhstan
02-14 1st CISM World Football Trophy
BAku, Azerbaijan
08-17 49th Naval Pentathlon WMC
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
46th Orienteering WMC
Eksjo, Sweden
02-06 23rd Cycling WMC
Leopoldsburg/Beringen, Belgium
09-16 CISM Para-Sport Project Pilot Event
Track&Field Competition
Warendorf, Germany

22nd Taekwondo WMC
Fort Bliss, Tx,


37th Parachuting WMC
Qionglai, China

09-18 60th Military Pentathlon WMC
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

45th World Military Marathon
Paramaribo, Suriname



68th CISM General Assembly & Congress/CISM Board of Directors Meeting (2/2013)
Jakarta, Republic of Indonesia

02-06 Eurocup BeachVolleyball
Warendorf, Germany
03-08 Nienaber Memorial MilPentathlon
Munich, Germany
24-28 CISM Shooting Rifle Cup of the German Armed Forces
Sonthofen, Germany

1st Open Regional Life Saving Championship
Amsterdam, The Netherlands


1st Open Integrative CISM Military European Championships in Track & Field
Warendorf, Germany



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