CISM is supporting the next course at RDC America in Brazil

This year CISM will run three different courses at RDC Americas: Orienteering, Track and Field and Modern Pentathlon.

On September 2009, the RDC America was officially launched having the aim to intensify the cooperation between American CISM member countries, by increasing the performance of military athletes, qualifying coaches, referees, and military sports managers, and developing research projects, clinics and courses.

After the great success achieved during the Volleyball Course in 2009, the CISM Board of Director approved the RDC America’s proposal for 2010, and this year they will receive part of the necessary support from CISM to run all courses planned.

The Orienteering Clinic is going to happen in Curitiba, Paraná - Brazil, from July 13-19, 2010. CISM HQ and Brazilian Delegation are pleased to invite all American CISM member countries to take part in this initiative which will focus on preparing athletes to participate in the 5th CISM Military World Games - RIO2011.

This is a powerful opportunity for the participating countries to come together and share experiences to increase their athletes and coaches skills on Orienteering techniques, event organization, athletes’ preparation and map making. In order to accomplish this objective the Brazilian delegation, who is organizing the course, in a joint task with the national orienteering federation, has invited some of the most experienced local athletes and map makers to teach theoretical and practical techniques.

Chosen as venue for the event, Curitiba is the capital of Paraná state. Founded in 1693, it officially became a city in 1842. Today, it has almost 2 million inhabitants and is a well planned city, with modern amenities offering many attractive sites to visit. As a visitor, you will be surprised to know that Curitiba has a population of descendants of German, Italian, Polish, Russian and Ukrainian immigrants. Curitiba is also known for its amazing fauna and flora and its innovative public transportation system.

See you all in Curitiba!

Volleyball Coaching Course in Brazil, you cannot be out next year

This is a milestone for the CISM History, the first event organized by the American CISM Regional Development Center, The Volleyball Coaching Course. From October 18th to 25th 2009, the Brazilian delegation carried out, in cooperation with the Army Sports Commission and the Brazilian Volleyball Confederation, a high standard course aimed at military volleyball coaches, for them to prepare their teams for the 5th CISM Military World Games - RIO2011.
During seven days, the 12 participants, coming from five CISM member nations, have successfully completed a 54-hour course. They immersed in an atmosphere set aside for champions. The Brazilian Volleyball Training Center is located in a paradise: facing an isolated beach where one of the best teams in the world usually meet before top level competitions such as World League, and Olympic Games. During three days the participants shared the courts with the Brazilian Women Volleyball Team, Olympic Champion, observing their practice and discussing concepts with their Technical Commission.
The Course Director, Mr. Célio Cordeiro, President of the National Volleyball Coaches Commission, has adapted the program between level II and level III, in order to adjust the course’s contents to the audience, which was composed of representatives from Brazil, Chile, Iran, Paraguay and Venezuela. The anchor of the instructors was Mr. Percy Oncken, six-time World Champion as coach of the Brazilian Volleyball Team Youth and Junior, who followed the participants throughout the event.
Mixed between theory and practice, the program has covered all aspects related to conducting volleyball teams: Physical, Psychological, technical, tactical, decision-making process, statistical, and physiological. At the end of the course, the participants were tested in three different domains:
Theoretical, practical, and oral presentation.

The good news was the presence of two representatives from Paraguay, Lt Ariel Fariña and Lt Abel Alejandro. This member nation has been away from CISM activities for a long time. Paraguay is more than welcome back!
Based on the solidarity spirit, the Brazilian has host a country out of Americas, Iran. It was a pleasure to receive and exchange knowledge with Colonel C. Amiri, military volleyball champion in 2009.
Apart from achieving the objectives in a high quality, the most important was the development of friendship between the participating nations. By quoting Major Erick Figueras from Venezuela:
“This is to become a very important step to the development of South American Military Volleyball , allowing the exchange of knowledge between the continent`s nations, and most importantly with the presence of the best coaches of Brazilian National teams who enriched the participants in the course with fresh knowledge.”

American Regional Development Center - Rio de Janeiro / Brazil

On the 18th September 2009, the Brazilian Delegation has officially launched the CISM Regional Development Center for the Americas, motivated and supported by CISM. The Center aims to intensify the cooperation between American CISM member countries, by increasing the performance of military athletes, qualifying coaches, referees, and military sports managers, and developing research projects, clinics and courses.

During the ceremony Rear Admiral Gambôa, Chief of Brazilian Delegation, highlighted the fundamental Armed Forces’ contribution to the development of sport in Brazil and also in the Americas. He expressed how the Brazilians are proud to host this important international center, which is going to help American countries to prepare their teams to take part in the 5th CISM Military World Games – RIO2011. The ceremony was witnessed by Brigadier General Fernando Silva – President of the Sports Army Commission, Brigadier General Jamil Megid – Coordinator of the 5th MWG Operational Planning Committee, Mr Marcos Pina – Brazilian Volleyball Confederation Director, Colonel Retired Flavio Marcondes – CISM Vice President for Americas and other distinguished guests.

In the framework of the ceremony, the Brazilian Delegation, in close cooperation with the Brazilian Volleyball Confederation and the Army Sports Commission, has started the first event of the CISM Regional Development Center for Americas, the Volleyball Coaching Course. The event was opened by Colonel Jorge Ribeiro, President of CISM Volleyball Committee. He introduced Mr. Percy Oncken, six times World Champion as head of the Brazilian Volleyball Junior and Youth Teams, who delivered the opening lecture titled “Volleyball, actual situation and tendencies”. The one week program is going to be developed at the Brazilian Volleyball Training Center in Rio de Janeiro. Fourteen participants from five nations are going to attend the course at a state-of-the-art infrastructure and one of the best technical knowledge in the world.

Rear Admiral Gambôa closed the successful ceremony by saying that he hopes the spirit of solidarity and friendship of military sport may always continue joining the Armed Forces of the Americas and throughout the world.


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